Prospective collectors can obtain Frederick Eberhart's prints, either by contacting him directly, or by working though one of his representing galleries. Eberhart also works directly with interior architects and interior designers to support their clients' design needs.

Representing Galleries

Broadway Gallery - Alexandria
5641 B General Washington Dr.
Alexandria, VA 22312

Broadway Gallery - Great Falls
1025-J Seneca Road
Great Falls, VA 22066

Warm Springs Gallery
PO Box 300
12 Katydid Trail
Warm Springs, VA 24484


Ordering Information

Sizes:  Most of Frederick Eberhart’s images are offered in three print size ranges, each in a limited number series of prints:

Series I (Largest) - 100 prints (Generally sized to 40 inches on the short dimension, but maximum size subject to the Artist’s approval of print quality. Note that the newest images - charts distinguished in red font type - have extremely high resolution, assembled from 20 mp photographs, and they can print well beyond the 40 inch standard)

Series II (Medium) - 150 prints (a middle range of sizes offered, subject to customer’s choice)

Series III (Small) - 200 prints (normally downsized to a maximum width of 11")

Note that images made since 2015 of extraordinarily high resolution may be offered in a highly limited series of 5 prints (Series I), 10 prints (Series II) and 20 prints (Series III).

Prints are signed and numbered on a generous print margin by the Artist.

Pricing: The Artist currently offers prints under a simple per-square-inch pricing formula. Contact the Artist or his representative galleries for the current per-square-inch price. (Please note that as a matter of equity and fairness to the Artist’s representing galleries, print pricing is consistent, whether offered directly or through the fine galleries that represent him.)




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